07 November, 2009

All about Transition in the face of an uncertain future

I made a slide presentation All about Transition to a full session of Frome Town Councillors on Wednesday 4th November 2009 and have since updated it with new embedded web links to some of the articles that support what I said. Any words coloured blue contain hyperlinks that you just mouse click to view or download the relevant material, so the presentation is best read on line on any computer.

To activate the slide presentation after downloading it, simply open the saved document and press CTRL+L to view it in full screen mode. Then press any arrow key or enter to scroll through the pages.

Many of the Councillors asked questions that would have taken too long to answer in the time allocated so hopefully, if they activate the web links, they should see how I reached my conclusions. However, I would be pleased to answer any questions arising from this document.

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