25 April, 2011

Positive Money - Fixing what's wrong with the banks.

Debt Crisis? Here's the Simple Solution
Ever wondered why we're all in so much debt? This 3 minute video explains the root of the problem and what we need to do to end the debt crisis...

02 April, 2011

YouTube - The End of growth-Richard Heinberg

Richard's book "The End of Growth" should be essential reading for everyone.  It is a masterpiece of research, observation and deduction which makes so much sense of the chaotic world we live in and the implications of this chaos for our common future.  I can't fault his logic and the conclusions he reaches which are shared by a growing number of economists and global market analysts. This book is easily read and I highly recommend that you buy your copy as soon as possible and read it from cover to cover.  You won't be disappointed!