29 August, 2007

Strategies for Local Government and Sustainable Communities

At the bottom of this page is a link to the latest edition of the report I have been working on since retiring to Frome in 2006. The report is constantly being updated and so you should frequently revisit this site to download the latest edition if it interests you. To read it you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. 

Before retirement I knew nothing about Climate Change, other than what came on the television, and Peak Oil I discovered just recently. I knew even less about Government concerns for the future. 

It was only upon retirement that I have had the time and inclination to look into these matters in more detail. The results of my research and observations are captured in this document in an attempt to define the scope, scale and context of issues likely to be of major concern to us all over the next 20-25 years. 

This document comprises a collection of Internet links to other articles, including Government Reports, research documents and videos, contained within a narrative that I hope provides a guide to the many inter-related issues likely to concern us over this period. Consequently, the document is generic in nature and does not prescribe solutions specific to any town or community.

Each town has its own identity and unique circumstances with related issues that are up to the local community to identify through a consultation process so that they may create strategic plans to resolve these issues within a framework of concerns highlighted mainly by Government reports and the research documented. However, many of the issues that come to light will also be shared by other towns and villages. I expect that communities will accept, reject or more sensibly expand on what is already in this document that is relevant and important to them.

Unfortunately, in our fast moving and time-constrained society, most people are too busy and focused on their own immediate concerns to be familiar with many of the issues raised in this document that concern our future wellbeing. This is why I have created the document in the hope that it can raise awareness so that the community is better able to have intelligent and informed debate culminating in a Local Community Strategic Plan for a future that will probably be very different from what most of us expect.

I would draw your attention to the highlighted video links within my report and the recently published Cornwall Group Report, “The Impact of Peak Oil on Rural Communities”. This documents what could happen if we do nothing or not enough to mitigate the after effects of Peak Oil.

Community awareness of the issues raised in this document is paramount to creating a strategic community plan with any hope of success. I therefore urge you to become informed if you are not already and circulate this to everyone you know or think should be concerned, including your Member of Parliament. It is up to us to get this out to everyone!

The following link will download a document that you will find easier to read and work with if you save it first on your computer hard drive and then use the saved copy instead of the copy in your browser.